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The digital money for all people in the world



DOLLAR International is a smart monetary asset working on Stellar Main Net. Here are most important DOLLAR benefits you have to know.

Periodical Donations

DOLLAR Foundation will periodicaly donate and support all major global foundations and charities incl. science and culture.

Slow Inflation

Donations and support will be distributed carefully (max. 0.0389% of total supply per month) to keep low inflation ratio for the next 100 years.

5+ million users

First 5+ million DOLLAR users will be rewarded with free DOLLAR in our one-time airdrop to build a largest crypto economy worlwide.


Come and check all DOLLAR features which can help you to adopt and love crypto currency the easy way with only few clicks.

Fast transactions

The Stellar Main Net is processing all transactions very very fast - maximum 5 seconds.

Low cost fees

With DOLLAR daily payments, your transaction fees will be as low as 0.000001 US$.

DOLLAR jumping

Personalized addresses

Thanks to Federation service can users choose own addresses like myname*

Fast mass adoption

Thanks to strong partners and large userbase will DOLLAR reach mass adoption faster than other crypto currencies.

DOLLAR is the first and only crypto currency oriented on periodical DONATIONS

Helping the world is our goal for this century. We have made DOLLAR with a target to support and donate major worldwide charities and donations for over 100 years.

We are aware of great responsibility and are awating responses to cooperate with advisors from all around the world.We have to build transparent donation system.

To prevent volatility all donations will start after we reach 5+ million users (hopefully during few months) and the mothly donation budget will be at most 30 million DOLLAR from a total supply of 77 billion DOLLAR. That means maximum of 0.0389% per month will be spent for the Good.


Donations (78%)


Ecosystem (13%)


Reserve (9%)


Please visit LOBSTR website to keep your DOLLAR save


1. Setup an account at LOBSTR.

2. You will get free Lumens (XLM) for 1 month.

3. Add asset DOLLAR using domain "".

4. In July 2019 we will send you $100 in DOLLAR.


To store and hold your DOLLAR, you will need only three steps.

1. Get a free STELLAR Lumen Wallet

DOLLAR is an asset running on the Stellar network. Any Stellar Wallet can store the "native" Stellar Blockchain currency "Lumens" (currency code: XLM), and other assets built on the Stellar blockchain.

The STELLAR Lumens project website currently lists 17 different wallets to choose from, some for web access, and others for desktop or mobile. Please note that these wallets are not owned, maintained or operated by either Stellar Development Foundation or DOLLAR Foundation.

2. Deposit a small amount of STELLAR Lumens (XLM)

Once you have downloaded or installed your wallet, you now need to fund your Stellar wallet with the base reserve. This minimum amount in Stellar Lumens (XLM) is required to activate your wallet once. The current base reserve amount is 0.5 XLM (appr. 0.07 USD).

You can find a good overview on exchanges that sell STELLAR Lumens at CoinMarketCap.

At LOBSTR you don't need any deposit. They will give you a XLM loan for free for 1 month!

3. Create a "trust line" for DOLLAR

In order to manage your DOLLAR, you need to make one final step. For your wallet to receive DOLLAR, it needs to trust the DOLLAR asset. While the procedure may differ depending on the wallet you use, here is all information you need to trust DOLLAR:

Asset Home Domain:
Asset Name: DOLLAR

A short list of charities DOLLAR is ready to help

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